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How do I contact the Morristown Police Department?
For emergencies or to talk to an officer immediately, contact the Shelby County Sheriff Department at 317-398-6661 or 911. If your question does not require immediate assistance, contact the Morristown Town Hall and ask the Town Secretary to leave a message for the appropriate officer. Please advise the secretary of the best times to call.
How and where do I pay tickets issued by the Morristown Police Department?
Please see the Traffic Citations section of the website. This section is located in the police department section of the website.
Does the Town of Morristown have a cable company?
The Town of Morristown does not have a cable company currently available to the residents of the town. Most residents of the town use a satellite provider.
Where do I pay my water and sewer bill?
The water and sewer bills can be paid at the Town Hall during business hours or over the phone. We accept check, credit card or cash. Payments may be dropped off 24 hours a day at the utility drop box located on the west side of the Town Municipal Building.
How do I take care of Written Warnings and Notice to Repairs issued by the Morristown Police Department?
If the written warning is issued to a juvenile, the warning must be signed by the juvenile's parents or guardian and returned to the Morristown Town Hall. Warnings issued to legal adults are only issued as a reminder that a citation could have been issued. If a Notice to Repair is issued, the item must be repaired and inspected by a law enforcement officer with in the time frame on the back of the notice to repair. The Notice to Repair must be signed by the inspecting officer and either returned to the officer that issued the notice to repair by mail or personal delivery at either the Morristown Town Hall or the Shelby County Sheriff Department. If the Notice to Repair is not returned with in the time frame, a citation can be issued. This citation will be in excess of $150.
Can the Morristown Police Department issue citations and make arrest outside of the Morristown Town Limits?
Yes, both the full time officers and the reserve officers of the Morristown Police Department have arrest powers statewide. Citations can be issued anywhere in the county and statewide. Arrest for violations of both Indiana State Law and Federal Law can be made by officer of the Morristown Police Department. However, town ordinance citations may only be issued by the officers of the Morristown Police Department. County ordinances can only be issued by deputies of the Shelby County Sheriff Department.
Results 1-6 of 6