Building Inspector

Directs and participates in the enforcement of numerous ordinances pertaining to zoning, buildings, plumbing, electrical, fences, residential and commercial building, and site exteriors, signage, grading, and the land disturbance permits, occupancy permits, special use permits, and other regulatory systems of the Benton County Code. Reviews residential, commercial, and industrial plans for compliance with building and zoning ordinances and approves all permits, conducts, and field inspections. Receives applications for all required permits and issues permit after ensuring that applications are complete and in compliance; performs inspections as required, requested, or appropriate. Works by complaint on unsafe buildings and determines if they can be repaired or require demolition.

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The Planning Commission is composed of eight members for the Town of Morristown.  Jesse Berling is the Planning Director and also serves as Morristown's Building and Electrical Inspector.  The Planning Commission meets at the Morristown Municipal Building in the Town Hall located at 418 W. Main Street.  They meet at 6:30p.m. on the fourth (4th) Wednesday of every month.

Larry Tracy


Carl Green
Vice President
Jesse Berling
Planning Director
Dave Benefiel

Michael Brinson


Charlie Hischemiller


Kristi Langkabel


Rene Odum